• Victoria Bliss


Indomitable is an exploration of identity and heritage. The collection explores Scotland’s brutal history at the hands of the English, the endurance of Scottish culture through the Jacobite rebellion and the endurance of women throughout the continuous battle for gender equality. Indomitable focuses on female empowerment and strength as each piece unpacks the various theories surrounding feminist dress. Floral motifs are replaced by jagged thistles and garments are adorned in weathered chain, while the power suit is deconstructed. The collection is commercial but craftsmanship differentiates it as the pieces sit in the blurred interim between evening wear and tailoring.

Key Features


Indomitable focuses on the quality and craftsmanship which is often forgotten in commercial fashion. With the use of traditional tailoring techniques, each garment becomes a valuable piece of clothing and that value, through making, increases longevity.

Aside from the making process, fabrication is crucial. Using fine wools, horse hair canvas and leather (which are all durable), the cloth is transformed with adornment. From working with artisans in a fair-trade studio in Pakistan to using technology like laser etching, the fabrications are given new life.

Each element of wearability is considered with jewellery, shoes and bags as well as garments.

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