Indigenous Metro Station Place Holder Concept


  • Spacerepublica Pty Ltd.


Indigenous Metro Station place holder concept is a design that allows community input and engagement in a project with international relationships. This concept allows the existing design to be modified while under construction to become an architecture exemplar. An image has not been included,  this would be a shared experience and process.

Key Features


I have a background of interest in international underground railway architecture. I believe in a need to look towards providing our stations with a local character that can differentiate from the rest of the world (and Australia) through design identity. We also need to be playing to our strengths by encouraging greater diversity of design. Perhaps Flinders Street Metro Station could be designed, built, managed, named, staffed, and leased recognizably from the Indigenous community. The Melbourne Metro Project presents a significant opportunity to get serious about indigenous inclusion considering the site’s proximity to the river. This design provides new functionality, aesthetics, quality and sustainability combinations and has gone through a strong design process which has optimized and improved over time.


1. The project has the opportunity to demonstrate Victoria can have an open and democratic design inclusive society with Indigenous involvement.
2. The metro station is durable and provides a high investment design return with high future passenger numbers.
3. The project shows visible design impact that can be used for international and local tourism marketing.


The project is to set a new benchmark, a metro station with high-level Indigenous design has never been done in Australia. Generally, commercial interests have eroded design transformation options, this project changes that.


The project solves a massive issue of highly valuable land and facades being controlled by 200 years of selective design investment. This option has the potential for new visible and international design impact.

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