The Inbetween, a space agency in Fisherman’s Bend focused on futuristic technologies. It called for an architecture of its place in a location relative to floodplains. The large scale project needed to be self-reliant and its intention was realised using one specific component in multiple different ways, to fulfil differing functions.

Key Features


The use of rock is a representation of a moment captured in time. A memory, an adaption, a transformation which explores the impact environment can have on landscape.
It strives to create strength in form. These sculptural forms help define the concept and enable progress through one adaptation at a time, committing to only one material. This part of the process ends up defined in the final outcome. Success is in understanding form completely, lending to explored detail and how that will inhabit the concrete concepts.


Inbetween extruded the sites geology and proceeded to carve through that form. Metallic straws became piped extrusions as worked through in the production. The impact landscape has to the building is site specific and therefore described with diverse outcomes.


The Inbetween is still very much focused on function and its form brought to life through research, understanding of place, and the climate that it may sit in.
Committed to the process of maintaining the pipe, the use of colour and material is used to define archetypes in the human scale and the land scale, where the dynamics of space and form are defined by the pipe\’s size as form, and aided by light, shadow and material as the tool.


It\’s distinct shiny interior and waxy transparent exterior, contrasts in response from burning and ripping, as new layers form and the old revealed. The outside degrades and begins framing the inside. Layering recurs in the final work and this test resolves the final project.
Aside from the familiar composition of floor and ceiling, voids formed by solid origins rely on the inbetween to create space or apertures to view the city. This too derived from the cave, the primary form of shelter for civilisation, only linked if rock is the prime material. The contrast of strong forms with the landscape permitted to take over once more. The remnants of erosion have the ability to dictate light, corridors and circulation. There is no skin and therefore there is no threshold.

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