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Immune Hero is an interactive collection of digital resources that deliver honest and accurate information about immunisation, specifically targeted at students, parents, teachers and school co-ordinators. The Immune Hero project comprises a range of relevant content for all user groups, including curated articles from trusted resources, HTML5 games and animated web videos.

The problem with many immunisation resources is they are time consuming for users to navigate and find relevant information. Immune Hero is a central resource that is easy to navigate, linking to existing content if it exists, and the ability to create content where there are gaps.

Key Features


Immune Hero Branding

The Immune Hero brand and theme is carried across all content, in the games you are the Immune Hero, and the videos also carry the message of being an Immune Hero.

The slogan “vaccination – play your part” links to the Herd Immunity theme that is an important aspect of Immunisation

Positive upward ‘V’ shape resonates as a tick of approval, as well as linking to Victoria and the client (the State Government of Victoria)

White circles that make up the ‘V’ represent microbes, antibodies and other bacteria as it could appear in a Petri Dish


Interactive Web Portal

The website is highly targeted at four key user groups (or roles); students, parents, teachers and school co-ordinators. Using pre-existing characters from another Immunisation resource owned by the client (HALO poster), we selected characters to represent the user groups. To assist users to filter based on their role, users can navigate by clicking on one of the four characters at the top of the site.

The filterable website navigation system was designed, allowing users to filter content based on the relevant Year Level, Role, Disease and Resource Type. This is driven in the back end by a complex rating system where every piece of content can be rated from 0-100 for every filter item, meaning administrators can set the content hierarchy at a very granular level.

The website was developed using Drupal 7 content management system and the design is responsive so that it functions on all devices. It was also tested on all web browsers to ensure the greatest reach possible.

The website and content adheres to WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines for content accessibility, ensuring the resource can be enjoyed by all regardless of ability.
Two rounds of Focus Groups and User testing were held with students at a local high school to gather user feedback that was used to improve all project assets.

Visit the website:


Curated Web Content

The main purpose of the Immune Hero project was to make it easy for users who are short on time to quickly access accurate and relevant information about Immunisation, especially in relation to the vaccines that are administered at school. To achieve this, rather than re-write content that already exists, content from across the web was curated, with external content summaries and links added to the Immune Hero site and organised within the filtered navigation system.


HTML5 Games

To help get the message through in an engaging format (especially for students), two games developed; Agents of Defence and Apoxalypse. Engagement was not the only purpose of the games, Immunisation facts are displayed throughout to ensure they are educational as well.

Apoxalypse is a fun game in the form of a runner who needs to avoid sick people and disease, while collecting consent cards and trying to avoid the Apoxalypse. Apoxalypse uses the characters from the website and videos for brand consistency.

Agents of Defence is a game for the thinking person, where strategy needs to be implemented to get as many children immunised before they get to school.
Events are tracked throughout the games and sent to Google Analytics for reporting, including the number of health facts displayed to players.

Play the games:


Animated Web Videos

Three animated HTML5 videos were produced for the project. These videos covered topics that have not been converted in other videos available online. The videos cover information about consent cards and the two vaccines that are administered (DTP and Chickenpox). The videos use the characters from the website and games for brand consistency.

All videos have had full transcripts written for compliance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines for web content accessibility.

Watch the videos:

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