Immersive Display Suite


  • ASPECT Digital
  • Charter Hall


Choosing a home or commercial space off the plan is usually based on a number of decisions. ASPECT Digital introduce the Immersive Display Suite (IDS).
Based on virtual reality technology, this revolutionary product gives potential buyers/tenants the ability to navigate inside the built environment, gain a realistic feel for the space, and complete the specification process all inside the IDS, all at the click of a button. They can view how their choices work together, and have a total appreciation of the final product’s look and feel.
ASPECT’s IDS will export a full specification sheet of these choices including pricing.

Key Features


A Cost-Effective Model

The ASPECT IDS allows buyers to change the environment at the click of a button.
Within the IDS users can adjust colours, examine different layouts or choose alternative fixtures and fittings. ASPECT’s IDS comes packaged with the ability to export fly through videos or snapshots and publish online or onto digital media. A useful tool for the potential customer as they can take a high quality video of the finished product to show others.
This eliminates the cost of a purpose-built display suite, marketing images or renders as the IDS can perform all these functions.


Virtual Reality and the Environment

3D immersion technology coupled with a Virtual Reality headset is a useful tool for giving potential customers a true experience of the project. By utilising Virtual Reality within the sales process, developers can now give customers a true to life experience inside an apartment, home, retail or commercial property including the surrounding grounds.
Prospective tenants of Charter Hall\’s 333 George St can now enter the building, and explore different floors and possible layouts, from the comfort of their office, creating less waste by reducing paper plans and carbon emissions through travel to the site.

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