Immediate Response Shelter


  • Compact Shelters Pty Ltd
  • Charlwood Design


Compact Shelters Pty Ltd developed the immediate response shelter after recognizing there was a huge gap in aid relief between tents/tarps and permanent transitional shelters . Spending a lot of time with charities as Oxfam GB it became apparent that a highly innovative but yet simple shelter should be created that could be semi permanent, collapsible, durable and low cost.
Compact Shelters ethos is revolved around simplicity of design and the adoption of alternative materials for humanitarian uses.
The shelter pops up in under two minutes and has been well received working with charities as IFRC and Oxfam.

Key Features


-Collapsible: 200 X 100 X 7cm (Collapsed size)
-Modular: Each shelter joins on too each other
-Durable: Polypropylene plastic extremely durable mainly used in construction and signage.
-Lightweight: Only weighing 17kgs
-Limited components: Pegs and tie down rope are only components needed a lot less then any tent.


-Simple: Having to meet strict standards set by UNHCR, the shelter can be erected in under two minutes.
-Thermal qualities: Twin Walled Polypropylene has great thermal qualities
-Ventilation: Has been designed to with ventilation panels that can either stay shut or remain open during warmer climates.
-100% Recyclable: Polypropylene is 100% recyclable being able to melt down and then reprocessed.

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