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Imagicast is a turnkey system that can be integrated into the hospital and clinical ecosystem, to provide a new form of digital accuracy for the fracture care market.
Imagicast uses 3D scanning to obtain a surface model of the patient’s arm, this is done to ensure dimensional accuracy. Design and colour are selected by the patient, then the model is sent to the cloud to be built virtually.
The model is then 3D printed on-site, in the selected colour to reduce any delays in providing the best possible care to the patient.

Key Features


Imagicast was created to better the quality of life of a patient during the fracture healing treatment. This is done by including the patient in the design process, so they feel some ownership over the cast. Imagicast allows the patient to return to regular life sooner. The casts are lighter, stronger, thinner, allowing you to live like you normally would. This means the patient can be more proactive in their recovery.


As Imagicast uses 3D scanning to create a virtual model of the patient’s arm, there is a reduced chance of complication, for example, incorrect positioning, ulcerations, skin irritation. Coupled with the opportunity to contribute to the design of the casts, patients are more empowered, giving them some control over their treatment in an uncontrollable situation, from their point of view.


Each design goes through a series of DOE testing before it is used to create a cast can be as strong, light, and thin as possible for each of the specific cases. This is a large part of the systems design parameters, as every person is different, their medical treatment should be as well, reflecting their personalities with variations in colour and design available.


The imagicast system puts mass customisation, collaborative design, and user-centric design concepts into practice in a non-complicated platform. The Innovative allows patients to not only have a better quality of life throughout their treatment but be involved in the process. The System uses automated design through set rules that have been defined from a series of DOE trials to determine the best care will be provided for each design, for each individual patient.


Each design has been tested against Plaster of Paris to benchmark its strength, weight, stress and strain responses to ensure the care provided will be adequate in comparison to the current care provided to patients.
As each cast is made specifically for each patient, and takes seconds to scan, there is a drastically reduced chance the patient will move causing the cast to be in the wrong position.
As the material used to make the casts is water resistant, the cast can be worn in the shower, and also allows good airflow to reduce the chance of ulceration/infection.

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