Image Project


  • Blake Barns


The Image along its journey endeavors to embed its visual effect, transfer some meaning. In due course there is loss of original clarity and of pure origin. Image is ruined as it is consumed.

The speed of today’s world permits only a passing reference to original Image. I’m interested in how fast Image has become a throwaway commodity aligned to contemporary fashion systems.

In a world that’s increasingly hoarding then throwing away Image in dusty relic cataloguers and rubbish dumps, digital and cerebral, what burden are these dragging images? How do they sit on us?

Key Features


Comment’s through garment and image design on the unsustainable relationship between the consumption of fast moving fashion image and disposable product.


Unique material and material processes for garment generation.
(Garments are paper laminated onto cotton wadding which is then saturated and punched through and stretched by the wearer to create a garment form to fit the body.)

Youtube / Vimeo

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