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IHS Global Alliance is a leading designer and manufacture of hospitality operating equipment for hotels and venues globally. We work on the most exciting projects throughout the world and associate with the finest professionals the hospitality industry has to offer. Through this interaction our design firm has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and together we have created new standards in hospitality.

The table science behind a perfect long-term, linen-free table presentation resulted in IHS’ most industrious collection – the Cross Cube buffet table system.

Key Features


The buffet is one of the most important service tools in a Food & Beverage department, yet its traditional presentation of chafing dishes on top of skirted tables is quite outdated and do not befit the caliber of its hotels.

IHS were challenged by the industry to produce a revitalised buffet system – the result was the smart yet simple, Cross Cube.

Each product created is unique in the sense that all are simply smart, efficient and beautiful. Quality of materials is an important aspect of our products which sets us apart from all competition, not to mention innovation.


IHS has delivered $40 million worth of Cross Cubes worldwide since their design release with amazing installations seen in hotels such as Armani Dubai, Raffles Singapore, Peninsula Hong Kong, Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills and Four Seasons Downtown New York, among many others.

Australia’s largest convention and exhibition space, the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) also showcase more than 400 Cross Cubes on a daily level as they cater to their multitude of events.

The Cross Cubes have inspired an overhaul of global standards throughout Food & Beverage operations for their outstanding performance, style and money-making capabilities.


Event management needed to catapult itself outside traditional operating parameters and embrace the rapid changes in trends and preferences which are ever evolving.

Exposing operating equipment into the limelight of front-of-house creates a necessity for strong interactions with interiors.

IHS revives traditional operating equipment, expands models to provide for any heritage, traditional and contemporary interiors, opens up a greater world of multi-usage, extends the life span of product series and halves future refurbishment costs.


IHS’ continued investment in research and development to create products recognised as leading innovation around the world today is key to our company’s success.

Opting for innovation over the conventional translates into a demand for clever product that is flexible and has a strong focus on dynamic logistics.

The knock-down Cross Cube table system embraces the fast pace of transportable, linen-free, folding buffet tables and are flexible enough to cater to endless function types. Through an impressive pace of operation, the Cross Cube offers operational returns which were unparalleled.

The Cross Cube also has a clever design – a patented locking mechanism – that allows for easy removal of top inserts. Rather than the need for replacements, tables can be refurbished at very little cost and in very little time.


Versatile Style Options & Multi-usage Functionality –
The Cross Cube offers frames in a range of heights and styles and Smart Top reversibility options in assorted finishes and colours for versatile style;
Convert from ‘naked’ buffet table, to a beverage bar to live cooking;
Accommodate a buffet for 200pax in approximately 4 square meters

Quality & Protection –
The Cross Cube system includes purpose-built, space-saving trucks designed to store, transport and protect the tables;
Stainless steel frames provide lifetime protection of table edges

Ultimately, the Cross Cube system delivers simple, versatile and long-term, beautiful linen-free table presentations.

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