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The Iconic Women exhibition, curated and designed by Eddie Zammit, included a series of 50 candid photographs taken from the archives of renowned British photographer, Terry O’Neill. The show featured leading females from diverse fields including art, fashion, politics, music, screen and sports. The exhibition was launched on International Women’s Day and was extended right through until May 2019. Lauren Carney, Samantha Darling, Justine McAllister and George Rose were all given the opportunity to embellish the photos with their own artwork.

Key Features


In partnership with Iconic Images, the immersive black and white exhibition, supported by merchandise produced with Radio Velvet, took over the floors, walls and staircases behind the Shot Tower at Melbourne Central. The project was seen to be a groundbreaking way to celebrate International Women’s Day. The featured celebrities were all women and the artists chosen were all local female artists.


“The legendary Terry O’Neill helped pioneer the concept of celebrity culture and women of influence in his images. We are proud to offer a program of educational and cultural significance, shining light on local female artists and hopefully inspiring conversations around female empowerment, creativity and acceptance amongst visitors to the precinct,” says Melissa Polglase from Melbourne Central. Sadly, this was the very last public exhibition by Terry O’Neill who passed away in November 2019.


The exhibition was made possible by a budget set aside from The GPT Group for Melbourne Central marketing. An important aspect of precincts like Melbourne Central is to engage and entertain their customers in order for these places to become destinations. Previously the area behind the Shot Tower was a largely unused and neglected space. The transformation has brought the space to life as a place to explore and discover events like the Iconic Women exhibition.


Displayed as a celebration of women globally for International Women’s Day 2019, visitors saw a celebration of femininity and playfulness, with artistic touches by local female artists Lauren Carney, Samantha Darling, Justine McAllister and George Rose. Each artist embellished some of the most recognised photographs of our time in their trademark abstract, contemporary and pop-art styles. The idea was to provide a new slant on an existing art form – a fresh take on how we perceive all the women photographed.


• 10,000+ x visitors to the free exhibition
• 50 x photographs of celebrities were embellished by local artists
• 4 x Melbourne-based artists were used
• 1 x legendary photographer

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