Iconic Melbourne


  • Harper & Charlie


Harper & Charlie is a Melbourne based illustrative design brand specialising in commercial digital art finished as high-quality prints.

The dynamic and highly detailed composition creates a unique end product that differentiates it from existing products in the marketplace.

The Iconic Melbourne series was created to celebrate the colloquial elements of what being a Melbournian is, and to highlight those landmarks that are unique only to Melbourne.

This extends to expatriates familiar with these landmarks and to international customers who are wanting to find a piece of Melbourne that is removed from mainstream product choice.

Key Features


The high-resolution prints are finished in an illustrative style that purposely reflects the period of each of these Melbourne icons.

The designs also highlight some of the lesser known qualities of the landmarks which can be missed.

The 2016/17 Iconic Melbourne series of art prints were designed to appeal to local Melbournian’s and tourists alike. Subjects were selected based on their historical significance, contribution and relevance to Melbourne’s identity.

Premium paper, quality inks, printing and packaging sourced from Melbourne suppliers all combine to communicate a level of local craftsmanship while promoting the known, and lesser known sites of Melbourne.

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