Ian Potter Foundation Office


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Located in a Melbourne CBD Heritage building, the design for the Ian Potter Foundation marries tradition and vision, to create an authentically refined modern workplace that facilitates the long-standing history of encouraging excellence and supporting creative, innovative, and charitable work.

Key Features


Crucial objectives to successful design excellence included design that created a sense of place that was reflective of the history and vision at the heart of the foundation, in addition to fostering community and collaboration. The resulting vibrant and modern spaces for work facilitates the continuation of the Foundation’s legacy in enacting positive social change and investment in Australian creativity and innovation, in addition to capturing these values internally. Design excellence was achieved by creating a tangible connection to the identity of the Foundation and mirroring these ideals in the working environment and inspiring pride amongst the Foundation’s staff.


The design for the Ian Potter Foundation empowers those within. Achieved by focusing on the values, culture and aspirations of the organisation, to support their charitable work and reflect these priorities internally. Energising the collaborative community within to strengthen their purpose.


Building upon the rich design discourse of Australia, the design for the Ian Potter Foundation is the representation of design that is an authentic spatial rendering of the organisation for which it homes. It signifies a design methodology that prioritises a strong, close collaboration with the client. Delving deeper into the design, that stimulates ideas, creativity and community.


Innovation through the journey of design excellence – curating a spatial experience that not only reflected the individuality and aspirations of the Ian Potter Foundation, but also enhance identity through space making.

Central to the design brief was to create a light filled, boutique and spacious workplace. Restricted by low ceilings, and a small and disjointed floor plate, the design tackled these challenges by focusing on three main spatial and experiential elements: reception & presentation, workspace & focused work, and community & collaboration.

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