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  • Ainger Creative
  • NETS Victoria
  • Shepparton Art Museum
  • Waratah Group


The catalogue includes work from a wide variety of media, and particularly draws on Ormella’s experimental textile works. It explores key themes that Ormella has consistently focused on: social and environmental activism; human and animal relationships; nationalism and national identity.

Complimenting Ormella’s artwork, the catalogue utilises design features that add texture, colour and form. Full page details of the intricate works are coupled with clean spreads creating a visual balance. The catalogue is bound with a bold orange short dust jacket.

Key Features


The Ormella catalogue was commissioned so the audience can take home a product to enjoy. The design had to be befitting of the contemporary exhibition. Angular perspex windows on hinges held tapestries that could be viewed from each side. Large collage artworks fashioned from flags and work wear, and whiteboards with thermal paper were all part of the exhibition.

The catalogue is bright, legible and a good read. It visually connects to the exhibition with it’s use of colour – pastel blue and rich orange that adorned the walls. The fonts and style are on brand with SAM.


The Ormella catalogue has been well received and many purchased. It will travel with the exhibition across Australia until 2020, approximately 2 years. In this time it will have helped to fund the production and raise awareness of the artist and organisations involved.

The political themes of the artwork will spread far and wide engaging conversation about Australian and Indonesian cultures.

Many businesses were involved in the production of the catalogue including designers, writers, printers, curators, sponsors and Government bodies. Which lead to local jobs and positive economical results.


The Ormella catalogue, along with advertising, has driven audiences to the exhibition. As the tour continues, each venue will be placed in the spotlight. It has helped to enhance the SAM and NETS brands with its contemporary flair.

Further catalogues for upcoming exhibitions are currently in development and an integral part of the marketing plan. Social media plays a large part of the marketing which cross promotes the organisations involved.


The catalogue utilised texture as a key device, including white silk and orange matt stocks, for textural contrast. Artworks were printed on silk allowing them to shine, while essays were printed on matt. The orange stock connected to textile artworks with splashes of orange.

A short dust jacket provided a unique finish. It tucked under the cover flaps enabling it to sit without moving, inviting the reader to unwrap it.

The cover flaps fold out to reveal the full front and back of the title artwork. Thick cover stock forge a robust book that will have a continued lifespan.


Collaborating with specialists such as writers, curators, printers and paper suppliers, allowed design innovation for Ainger Creative. Their ideas, questions and parameters set the direction of the concept leading to a successful product.

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