• Monash University
  • Studiobird
  • SimBuilt


The Hydronaut is a semipermanent, demountable security kiosk occupying five ground floor parking spaces in an existing multideck car park on Monash University’s Caulfield campus. In an area known for security challenges, its non-intimidating presence provides panoramic sightlines across a shopping plaza, train station and Campus Green through camera-lens-like portals. True to semipermanence and sustainability, handcrafted exterior modules stretch PVC truck side curtains over frames made from waste exercise trampolines and construction materials. Upcycled materials also characterise interior linings, bespoke joinery, furniture and fittings. This truly interdisciplinary project aligns Industrial Design and Architectural practices through experimental materials, construction and design-by-making.

Key Features


The Hydronaut provides an overall sense of playful, welcoming openness while catering for more serious security operations. The small fifty square meter floorplan houses two offices, kitchenette, control room and front counter. Focusing on usability, these offer multi-use public, private and communal space for an array of tasks including managerial processes, surveillance, interviews, public assistance and rest. The limited space is visually expanded with a length-long corridor and a waterline of floating bespoke joinery that link separate rooms, forcing perspective towards the control-room counter – which provides a close-proximity welcome to visitors approaching in direct line from the train station.

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