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40% of household water is used outside.

The design of the Hydrawise system covers an irrigation controller, Smart phone, tablet and PC apps and the bringing together of global weather station information and proprietary smart water technology to produce a very smart irrigation system priced for the residential market.

New technology to old style thinking has produced up to 50% water savings.

The design was focussed on being easy to install and use.
Hydrawise designed in Melbourne, exported to more than 30 countries.

Key Features


Water savings.

Hydrawise is designed to automatically update the home owner irrigation systems program on a daily basis.

Utilising global weather station providers, Hydrawise is able to access local weather stations information. We blend this with our proprietary smart water technology to allow the system to make little changes each day based on past and predicted weather.

Little changes amount too big savings.

Imagine if you changed you’re watering every day based on weather, that’s what we do, but with a lot of science and research.

Hydrawise was the first to be able to do this.


Make it easy to use or they won’t.

Hydrawise is a cool fun app, it’s free. It tells the weather at your house for the next 3 days. How much rain you had yesterday and in the past week. How much water your irrigation system is saving.

It also controls your irrigation!

Hydrawise has an easy to use start up wizard that allows home owners to set up their irrigation controller and water savings program in less than an hour. They can view, change and report on their system anywhere in the world.

The controller even has a touch screen.


Know what is going on with your system.

The Hydrawise homeowner portal allows you access to manage, view and report on your system.

We have loads of prepared report for you with information comes knowledge and with knowledge comes water savings.

You can set up alerts to let you know when something is not right. The typical problems that irrigation systems have is damaged sprinklers, pipes and valves. These can be monitored by the system and failures reported.

Hydrawise is the first product to be able to do this in the residential market.


Keeping your gardener aware of your system.

You’re not an expert, so let them do it. The Hydrawise Contractor portal allows maintenance gardeners access to manage your system.

They can monitor your alerts and when something is not right and send a repair man to visit and fix the problem.

Their portal also allows them to manage 1000’s of customers in a nice neat app, that they can use anywhere.

Hydrawise again is the first to be able to do this in the market.

Contractors love being able to manage customer systems without the need for daily visits.


An elegant appliance

Irrigation controllers for years have been agricultural or commercial looking. They were big, clumsy and well frankly ugly.

Hydrawise changed that, with elegant lines and functional styling to ensure that homeowners would want to mount their elegant appliance on the wall.

Include a water resistant design and full colour touch screen at an affordable price and you have a Hydrawise controller.

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