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Hux is a revolutionary new system for understanding and optimizing commercial buildings. For the first time a practical, low cost tool is available to businesses to simultaneously lower energy consumption and improve occupant comfort. At its core Hux is a self-organising network of indoor environment sensors that connects to our online portal. This portal presents to clients an intuitive, real-time picture of what is happening in the building, analysis built on precise measurements of variables including temperature, light levels, carbon dioxide, and occupancy. Hux was designed to be usable by experts and non-experts alike, finally providing a solution for everyone.

Key Features


High resolution of data

A key difference for Hux is, because of our lower costs and installation complexity, Hux deploys far more sensors than conventional solutions. Buildings are usually monitored by only a couple of points, often somewhere in the middle (away from windows and other big impacts on internal comfort). This fails to detect the very substantial variation seen from influences such as windows, doors, vents and other heat sources. Only Hux can provide the resolution of information that identifies all of the opportunities presented by improving the operation of a building.


Multivariate monitoring

Generally monitoring systems will only look at ambient temperature, but Hux monitors a broad sweep of indoor environment variables. This allows for both a broader assessment of opportunities for improvement (such as optimizing lighting or ventilation rates) and for improving comfort (such as reducing radiant heat or draughts).


Resolve issues with staff comfort

A quick assessment that provides a detailed breakdown of building performance, allowing for quick and targeted diagnostics. Because Hux can easily monitor over time, it is very straightforward to identify and understand even transient effects.


Simple installation

The beauty of Hux is that it can be installed and configured inside of an hour, with data and analytics viewable through your web portal immediately. The wireless Bluetooth communications used by the Hux sensors means that there are no data cables required, and the whole network operates independently, sending the gathered data to the cloud to our secure servers. There is no interaction with any other networks in the building, and no risk to IT or building control.


Affordable for everyone

We designed Hux from the ground up to fit a cost bracket that would enable businesses large and small to realise the benefit of monitoring and optimising their buildings. Hardware costs are a fraction of typical industry installations, and the fact that no expensive experts are needed to install it keeps costs as low as possible.

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