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HPE’s South Pacific division consists of 9 offices with thousands of staff, making it a challenge to share news and foster a sense of camaraderie. Our brief was to apply design-thinking to problem-solve and reinvent the ways in which Hewlett Packard Enterprise communicate internally.

Key Features


We replaced a previous stream of static emails with dynamic central hub of news & information. Our designs were based off analysis of hundreds of historical emails and a series of surveys to ensure our solution was driven by the needs and wants of the employees.

This branded internal communications tool – The Daily Newsfeed is constantly updated with relevant news and the content staff want to see. All employees can consistently engage with content that celebrates company wins, highlights aspects of internal culture and strengthens awareness of other offices. All outside of their email, reducing clutter and ultimately, stress.


We’ve measured an increase of staff engagement with content of 50% month on month.


Our ongoing brief is to use digital design to increase staff engagement, reduce emails and ultimately create digital spaces employees enjoy. We do this by ongoing monitoring of live data, anonymously aggregating user interactions allows us to highlight trends in behaviour, showing what content is engaging staff, and what is not. These findings form part of our creative approach to continually optimise The Daily Newsfeed’s design and content.


We have also implemented an ongoing feedback loop where staff get to be active participants in designing the way their communicated with. The Daily’ Newsfeed’s ‘Insights’ form allows HPE staff members to directly suggest changes to our design team.

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