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We worked with Port Phillip Housing Association (PPHA) through late 2017 and into 2018 on a truly momentous re-brand. We helped guide the organisation through a clear process from stakeholder and community engagement, through a naming exercise, on to the development and execution of their new visual and verbal brand identity.

The new name and brand are now in place to build on HousingFirst’s remarkable history while more accurately reflecting the current and future direction of the organisation.

Key Features


The brand needed to be simple, fresh, and reflective of the bold optimism of the organisation. It needed to resonate. The name HousingFirst emerged as a true reflection of the many voices that fed into the process. The name is connected to a 2016 book of the same name which chronicled the organisation’s vital part in the story of community activism within Australia.

The new brand reflects the larger aims and aspirations of the organisation. Secure housing and the acceptance of a community has a flow-on effect in a tenant’s life, and that’s what this concept celebrates.


As a social housing organisation, PPHA had to walk a delicate path through their re-brand.

The tenants are a diverse group of people whose shared experiences include significant cases of housing stress, so naturally, mental health is a significant concern for the organisation. Our human-centred process helped to engage and inspire their audiences, manage expectations and not cause any undue stress, ensuring the launch was a success for everyone involved.

HousingFirst says “The new look and name has been embraced by tenants, staff and our stakeholders and is the perfect platform to springboard us into the future”.


In an industry where so many brands look and sound similar, offering something bold and distinctive ensures external audiences (partners in particular) take notice and remember the organisation and what they stand for. It also gives internal audiences have a proud symbol to rally behind and empowers staff to be confident and singular in purpose.

The bright palette and bold letterforms speak to energy and optimism, the logo visualises the ongoing positive impact of HousingFirst, illustrated through a clear and simple motif, and the suite of supporting graphic devices has provided flexibility and variety for the brand expression.


We conducted surveys and collected input around the project from the wider PPHA community. We ran an interactive workshop session with a large group from the community. Spirited and passionate conversations were held, stories were told, and the many objectives, concerns, opportunities and risks were uncovered.

This human-centred approach fed our research phase. From there, we developed a series of key insights and arrived at a detailed creative brief, ensuring the new brand would resonate for staff, tenants, stakeholders and the wider community.

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