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Inside Outside is a studio by Martha Poggioli, whose outcomes include garments, actions & objects of multiple function. ‘House in the Sky’ is a collection of timeless womenwear. It has been designed around concepts of utopia; clothing in harmony with its wearer. The approach has been that of a non-aesthetic; a utopian uniform for daily wear.

Inside Outside supports ethical, local and high-quality manufacturing. An emphasis is placed on finding new ways to approach making to inform design outcomes. Though the clothes may impart a feeling nostalgia, the intention is that they take us into the future.

Key Features


Utilizing 3D printing technology, custom components were created as a way to explore alternate methods of production, imparting further control over the entire design of the product and condensing the supply chain.
Buttons and buckles were first hand modeled then scanned to create three-dimensional files for print, making it possible to replicate the signature of the hand infinite times.
Two compostable PLA filament products were sourced; made from cornstarch and algae from which to print the designs. Meaning that along with all natural fabrics and thread, garments are essentially compostable; capable of returning to earth after many wears.


Construction is an integral part of the design; internal and external structure creates detail as well as ensures longevity. French seams, bindings, facings and cuffed hems contribute to garments that are fully closed objects which could be worn inside out. This contributes to a robust nature; garments are stiff at first, intended to mould around the wearer’s body and daily movements over time. Such construction contributes to a product with a long life.


All textiles used are undyed, natural fibers; Organic Linen Organic Cotton, Hemp, Hemp/Yak Wool and Hemp/Silk and Hemp/Cotton blends. These materials have been chosen for their high quality, and longevity. Each garment has been constructed using 100% cotton thread, as a result, all garments are made from 100% natural resources. These garments are designed to feel good to wear, they are made to be lived in.


‘House in the Sky’ will be distributed through a number of online and physical boutique retailers within Australia.

During Tokyo Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2016 the collection will be represented by a boutique wholesale agency which introduces progressive international brands into the Japanese market.

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