Hotel Oush Grab: Martyrs


  • BDW Architects
  • Yichen Robin Wang


The Israel-Palestine conflict has been a high profile issue for decades. This project started with the research of mental illness and suicide of Palestine people. I would reveal a bloody corner of the situation of mental health in Palestine, to show people these scars and draw their attention to this disaster and encourage them to break the oppression.

“Hotel Oush Grab” tells Aisha and Mohanad’s life stories “Martyrs”. The original military buildings left in Oush Grab will be modified into different ‘stage rooms’. There are various finishes and installations that will merge people into the provided atmosphere.

Key Features


“Hotel Oush Grab” contains 3 different programmes that will change with time. It will be an immersive theatre at stage one, telling the stories of Aisha and Mohanad’s suicide. Stage two will be a forum theatre, audiences will be “Spect-actors”, who can act out an intervention and change the following story. At stage 3, the theatre will become a memorial for the two youths’ narrative.

This is undoubtedly a highly interactive project that will provide people with various and enriching experiences. “Hotel Oush Grab” was my thesis project completed at MSD, and was included in Bates Smart TopThesis Exhibition in 2019.


“Hotel Oush Grab” renovated from an abandoned Israeli military base. After years of disposals, plundering and territorial conflicts came the present ruin. In resource-poor Palestine, the renovation is based on living and construction ruins destroyed during conflicts.

This project arouses people’s sympathy, encourage them to stand in the Angle of the Palestinian people to revolt. It aims to raise awareness about the mental health of Palestinian adolescents and to strive for more mental health infrastructure for them. Furthermore, to make their religious environment more tolerant of psychological problems.


This project proves that architecture can be designed full of humanitarian mission concern. It shows Melbourne designers\’ inclusive understanding of culture, their concern for the world and society, and their willingness to contribute from their own professional perspective.


“Hotel Oush Grab” is a unique design project that draws people’s attention to the mental illness of Palestine people. Physical injuries usually catch most people’s eyes in a glimpse. However, The most ignored wounds are most likely caused by complex trauma in a pathogenic context.

This project leads people to an immersive architectural environment, calls on their empathy and encourages them to rebel by putting themselves in Palestinian’s shoes.


Aisha and Mohanad are from two different periods of the conflict,
had different lives that lead them to the same destination at a similar age.

They’d rather go to the unknown hell in their religion than living in this real-life hell.

They are all martyrs. They fought against oppression with their whole life to chase freedom, but the only freedom they won was their choice to end their life.

May your freedom is always an option, not a gift.

May freedom be with you.

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