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“Hopen for business” was created in response to the COVID-19 crisis as a community-driven initiative, designed to provide an ongoing campaign of support and promotion towards the continued backing for local businesses across the Mornington Peninsula region. Launched initially as a free online directory, the campaign extends to printed and digital marketing campaigns, focused on one key message: for the local community to continue supporting local businesses.

Key Features


The development of a combined brand name as the brand message itself, complemented with a user-friendly website that is easy for businesses to list their details and for customers to engage and navigate with has helped introduce and establish its purpose and commitment within the local region.


The usage of the website as a resource and tool to complement the campaign message as a whole, allows for a deeper and longer lasting connection within the local community. The design of the brand and message is clean and simple. But also flexible in how it can communicate and connect with different audiences. Although the focus has been on rolling out the campaign in a localised region, the brand and resources will have the ability to launch in other places with a tried and tested strategy that can be implemented quicker and more effectively in the aftermath or during similar crisis scenarios (such communities impacted by natural disaster).


The brand and presentation of the campaign demonstrates how clever and functional design, with a clear message can influence change and action within the community. And in turn promotes our local design and creative industry as an invaluable service for businesses and organisations. And even more so during this ongoing and rapidly changing economic landscape of 2020-21, as businesses require pivoting and thinking further “outside the box” in order to not just survive, but thrive where possible. And being that this campaign has the ability to be replicated anywhere in the country or abroad, it is a perfect example to champion not just the Victorian design industry, but also the generous and supportive spirit of the Victorian people.


The strength in the ability and flexibility of the services and resources that Hopen have provided and can provide, have enormous potential in helping communities anywhere and at any time to keep their local economy flowing whilst experiencing or recovering from a crisis level event.


Whilst our studio has partnered with a number of local business focussed organisations, since launching in April 2020, this project has been solely funded by Five Creative as part of our commitment to supporting the community around us with the influence of great design.

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