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The web presence of Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT) website has grown organically over time, because they are no longer just a cemetery, but a community, whom organise and manage many activities on site, the cafe, and surrounding grounds throughout the year. So whilst the old platform served a purpose, it has resulted in a fragmented \’family\’ of websites that hinder a user’s experience, making finding information difficult, often during an emotional time.

SMCT’s desire to put the user first led them to create a project which consolidated information and provided users with a set of tools that simplified their journey.

Key Features


A great experience starts with a good understanding of users.
Carter helped SMCT identify who they really were, diving deeper into their needs, wants, desires, and behaviour, specifically, identifying and defining user characteristics that weren\’t evident through market research, such as; knowledge, state of mind, comfort, high-level user journeys and environments, and frequency of use. These insights ensured the features were focused on behaviour of actual users as opposed to opinion / assumptions.

Carter\’s process combined User Experience and Technical proficiency to design a digital platform that performed with efficiency and effectiveness, as well as had a strong sense of aesthetic.


Compared to previous year;
– We\’re seen a 20% increase in traffic to the site
– Reduction in the amount of sessions because people are finding the necessary information earlier
– Time on site has dropped from over 4 minutes to 3:50mins which backs up the above assumption that people are finding not just the right information but faster


A simple, guided user-journey that offers SMCT users choices, without overwhelming them, at a time of high stress.

This meant ensuring all essential services could easily be searched, browsed and purchased within the one place. It also meant that SMCT didn\’t want to provide every available option as a typical eCommerce store – instead simply provide an easy, and logical way users could ultimately be presented with clear calls-to-action to encourage enquiry or purchase.


Guided experience – Allowing individuals to take control and plan their own wants and needs from SMCT, seeing them through the planning process from flowers through to burial options. Thus also allowing for the more vulnerable audience to make choices in the most simple way.

Simple narrative of whom SMCT are – a simple-to-use interface that allows SMCT to meet the demands of Customers with existing and future potential services

Digital Timecapsule – An online space that allows users to create a time capsule of memories, photos, desires, that can be shared with immediate family, or stored until required.

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