Homecamp Brand Identity


  • The Company You Keep


Homecamp is an online retailer and manufacturer of quality outdoor products. Focused on inspiring a new generation of urban Australians to explore the great outdoors. One weekend at a time… with a little comfort and style.

Key Features


A monogram of a “H” made of two-linked trees within a “C” creates a visual shorthand for the business. Conveying at a glance the landscape of the business and hinting at the club like sense that connects outdoor enthusiasts. Souvenir as the supporting typeface touches on the caravan era of the 70’s and the 80’s Australiana of ‘Life Be In It’ iconography. Sparking a renaissance love affair with rediscovering our own backyard. Local photographers were engaged as brand advocates to literally illustrate the beauty of the outdoors that lay only a short Saturday drive away.

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