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What do you do in your industry when there is a lack of trust?

Henley has been an established brand in the Australian home building industry for the last 26 years. However, recently the market has become more and more homogenous and distrust, apprehension, fear and scepticism have been identified as major barriers to sales.

Henley needed to take a different approach if they wished to continue to be a market leader in the building sector. Hoyne was briefed to review the Henley brand position and establish opportunities for the brand to better differentiate itself from its competitors.

Key Features


Working with Henley, Hoyne developed a brand positioning that had clear values which could be easily communicated to their customers; based on the pillars of Honesty, Transparency, Delivery and Support.

The new brand represents a clear, straight talking, honest and open approach that successfully set Henley apart and addresses key consumer needs around reassurance and trust. The tagline ‘Hello to Henley’ communicates Henley’s position as an approachable, straight talking, breath of fresh air in the market.


Buyers are often fearful and full of trepidation about home buying and perceive it as a painful process. Henley’s website design mitigates this by supporting customers through the entire buyer journey.

The design puts product at the forefront, with content that is easily digestible to reduce the complexity of the home buying experience. It intuitively drives users to products that best suit their needs and engagingly showcases the homes and an array of other services, raising standards for how the industry communicates with its potential and existing customers.


The new brand gives an accurate insight into the process of building a home, rather than just showing the end product.

The website also shows all the inclusion specs as well as indicative prices for homes.

In place of simply showing renders as many photographs as possible were used in the printed collateral and on the website in order to create something that feels tangible and trustworthy; a realistic vision of what buyers will actually get once they’ve built their home.

This is a strong point of differentiation from Henley’s competitors.


The immediate impact has been hugely positive, with website statistics showing the clearest indicators of success.

In just 2 months after launch there has been a 425% increase in product page views, 8,730 downloads of the product PDFs, a 3,600% increase in newsletter signups and 170 phone calls made the mobile website.

Over 490 online form enquiries were made, which can be attributed to improved site navigation to ensure means of enquiry are more obvious and easily found.

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