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  • University of Tasmania
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hemaPEN saves time for the patient and laboratory. Superior samples delivering better results.

hemaPEN will change the way individuals have their blood tested – eliminating the need to visit a clinic. The familiar pen design is easy to use by anyone, with blood safely collected and stored with the click of a button.

ASTech leverages Trajan’s commercialization expertise and UTAS’ applied research to create innovative designs that focus on improving health and wellbeing.

hemaPEN can be easily integrated into current healthcare systems.

hemaPEN’s precision blood sampling will save time, cost, and improve accuracy of blood analysis, setting industry standards.

Key Features


1. More effective blood analysis

Dried blood spot (DBS) technology traditionally has value in newborn screening. The limitations of the format have stalled its broader adoption for routine blood analysis.

hemaPEN addresses these limitations by offering a superior sample in a ready-to-use analytical format. It collects a precise volume of blood from the fingertip using microfluidic technology.

hemaPEN can easily be adopted in pathology workflows to remove human error in collection and processing – delivering more definitive results.

hemaPEN opens the benefits of DBS to many new applications such as testing for diabetes, therapeutic drug monitoring, and medical research.


2. Easy to use like a pen

hemaPEN is designed to replicate the simple use of a retractable pen. After a finger prick, the hemaPEN is intuitive for self-administered blood collection and instant storage with just a click of a button. Up to four samples can be safely stored within its integrated storage compartment.

Simple to operate and less invasive than conventional blood collection.


3. Portable and affordable

hemaPEN is a convenient portable device for collecting and safely storing blood samples by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Traditional blood collection typically requires a clinician to be involved, such as:
– when a doctor requests a sample after patient fasting
– nurses visiting patients outside of clinical settings, or in remote locations

hemaPEN puts blood collection in the hands of the patient, in a convenient, affordable and portable device.


4. Faster collection and storage

hemaPEN blood sampling is quicker than traditional dried blood spot (DBS) sampling. Traditional DBS sampling can be challenging to obtain even droplets of blood on the paper, giving an approximate volume of blood which requires several hours to air dry before analysis.

hemaPEN’s integrated storage compartment ensures precise whole blood samples are secured and can immediately be sent to a laboratory.


5. Prevents contamination

The proprietary collection and storage mechanism from the fingertip to the hemaPEN prevents any cross contamination of the blood sample.

The blood is securely contained, preserving the integrity of the blood for testing, ensuring no biohazard risk or external contaminants. This unique design prevents degradation of the sample which contributes to more accurate results.

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