Heatstrip Elegance – Outdoor Electric Heater


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The Heatstrip Elegance is Australia’s first “off-white” electric, outdoor radiant heater. Developed after 3 years of research and testing material coating technologies, the new generation of heaters blends in seemlessly with most white ceilings in alfresco areas.
World leading electric element design produces a more compact unit, more even heat distribution and improved output. Heatstrip Elegance is proudly designed, engineered and assembled in Victoria.

Key Features


Australias first \”off-white\” electric outdoor strip heater: The challenge was to develop a material and coating technology that could withstand the high temperatures required of an outdoor heater, without the long term material discoloration and degradation that was common with other heating products on the market.
After 3 years of development, a flexible ceramic based coating technology was developed that ensured long term integrity of the surface material and no long term discoloration.


A new electric heating element design was developed, that allowed greater contact with the front heating profile. This produced a more even heat distribution over the entire heating surface, allowing a reduction in the physical size of the heater (12.5%), and an increased temperature output, with the same energy input, ensuring a more efficient product.
A smaller unit with improved output.


The Heatstrip Elegance is proudly designed, engineered and assembled in Dandenong, Victoria and exported to world markets including, Europe, USA and Asia.


As the majority of the Australian population is in coastal locations, it is imperative that all outdoor rated products are designed to handle the toughest outdoor conditions. The material coating technology of the Heatstrip Elegance product ensures that it is protected from corrosion in severe environments such as coastal and seaside locations, as well as around salt water swimming pools etc. The IP rating ensures is it fully protected from rain and moisture.


Ease of installation was a key driver for the Heatstrip Elegance design.
The mounting brackets ensures an easy DIY installation, and multiple optional mounting brackets to allow the product to be installed anywhere.

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