Healthy Active by Design (Heart Foundation)


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  • Heart Foundation


Heart Foundation’s Healthy Active by Design (HAbD) program provides a practical guide to consider health benefits when designing and developing in the modern world. With the program being rolled out nationwide, we created a new digital platform to communicate the tools and resources available, while effectively encouraging a change in design thinking for city planners and academics.

Quick and easy access to design features, areas of interest, and academic material makes it easier for planners to write proposals and have the evidence to support their plans to create a healthier and happier world to work and live in.

Key Features


Easily digestible ‘impact areas’ such as public open spaces, buildings, and movement networks. This allows users to find comprehensive evidence and academic material quickly and helps to build a national language around health and the built environment.

Comprehensive list of case studies reimagined to be useful and relatable. Filter to projects specific to their individual needs, like planners looking for playground examples in regional areas.

Case studies are made easier to read and comprehend by use of imagery, iconography, and accordions with related case studies.
Reformatted academic research to include contents, summaries and clear headings to make it scannable.


Changing the way we teach our future planners
Educators were struggling without relevant health resources to reference, as this type of information does not exist in textbooks. The Healthy Active by Design platform changes this, meaning our future environments will be healthier and more considered, making Australians more active and less prone to health related issues.

Influencing policy makers
By making the HAbD platform more intuitive, educational, and shareable, the acknowledgment of health in built environments will only continue to grow. This will influence government and policy makers to make health considerations a standard, and no longer a nice to have.

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