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Health Partners is an open health fund and has provided quality, value-for-money health insurance to 80,000 individuals over the past 80 years. Health insurance is often difficult to navigate and Health Partners, who were developing a fresh new brand, understood the importance of simplifying the process for users. They tasked us with upgrading the Quote and Join journey, which is the first interaction most users have when visiting the site. The tool provides a quick quote for health insurance, so we focused on delivering a seamless experience where users could quickly input details to receive an accurate quote.

Key Features


To streamline the user journey, the new tool had to be simple, transparent and convey critical information. We first simplified the design of the product inclusions table so users can quickly see what is and isn’t covered, then worked on providing recommended cover options, based on data, to reduce cognitive overload and highlight cover types relevant to each user. The new Quote and Join tool was tested on audiences to ensure the process for gaining quotes and comparing cover types was intuitive. We also tested how users found navigating the product inclusions table and whether this information was understood.


Based on user research and existing customer insights, the redesigned Quote and Join tool helped to appeal to a younger demographic, which was part of our mission. Demonstrating the value of a human-centred design approach, we have made it significantly easier, by delivering a streamlined Quote & Join experience, for people to compare insurance plans and options at a time when many Australians are concerned about their health and family. The improved experience has also delivered returns for Health Partners, with an improved conversion rate and clearer, better explanations of their cover and exclusions.


This project shows the value of considered design thinking in driving business outcomes. Not only does the refreshed experience deliver better outcomes for customers (providing clearer options and enabling them to get a quote faster), it also delivers significantly improved results for Health Partners. By pre-caching results, the speed of the quote generation process also sets a new benchmark for performance, with a process that now only takes a second compared to the 30–60 second wait times for many other insurance providers.


Our discovery process helped us uncover the barriers faced by users, which included the time taken to complete quotes, navigating different cover types and understanding insurance jargon. There was also a lack of trust in the industry, meaning clarity, simplicity and transparency became a key focus. The tool needed to be easy to use across all devices and suitable for different audiences, so we designed several prototypes and tested them with different types of users, resulting in minor UI tweaks. By the time of launch, we had created a frictionless user journey.

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