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The HD Wireless Headset has been specifically designed for the office. This convertible headset has a slimline and stylish design to reflect the modern desktop. Offering a large colour Touchscreen, the HD Wireless provides unprecedented call controls right at the user’s fingertips which are intuitive and easy to use, including desk-phone and PC switching. It also provides users with HD Wideband Sound and unsurpassed Acoustic Protection.

Key Features


1. Desk-phone and PC/USB Connectivity
The Phone/PC functionality is perfect for companies that use desk-phones but also for those who use PC-based soft-phones. Office workers on soft-phone, using Microsoft Lync, Cisco WebEx, Skype, etc, will use the HD Wireless for phone calls, video calls, webinars, training and more.

The Phone/PC functionality is also perfect for companies that are still using standard desk-phones but need to switch to PC for other functions. And if they\’re in PC mode and a call comes in, the HD Wireless Headset lets them answer that call seamlessly.


2. Large & Intuitive Colour Touchscreen
The HD Wireless Headset has a large and intuitive colour touchscreen which provides users with all of the essential call controls at their fingertips. No mechanical switches coupled with the intuitiveness of the products means that users can easily install the units and manage their calls effectively. This includes volume control, microphone transmission control, tone, display, mute, PC/Desk-phone audio switching, as well as conference calling. Easy access to these features via the touchscreen increases workflow and therefore productivity.


3. HD Wideband sound quality that ensures excellent intelligibility
The HD Wireless Headset offers the highest level of acoustic protection while maintaining excellent voice quality. It has a wideband sound quality of up to 8kHz, the widest wideband technology of any wireless headset and acoustic protection device. This creates a more comfortable experience for the headset wearer and allows crystal clear conversations.


4. Unsurpassed acoustic protection with Polaris’ patented Sonaron™ software

The HD Wireless Headset runs Polaris’ patented Sonaron™ software which uses a two-pronged approach to acoustic safety: Noise Limiting and Shriek Rejection. No other office headset has this capability. Limiting the incoming volume protects headset user\’s general hearing by reducing long term noise exposure, and the unique shriek rejection software prevents acoustic shock injury. The HD Wireless Headset is able to completely remove any sudden and unexpected loud noises or high-pitched sounds before they ever reach the ear of a headset wearer, thus providing them with total protection.


5. Remote Call Control

The HD Wireless Headset has an optional accessory that enables headset users to answer or end calls while away from their desk. This means that users never miss a call. The HD Wireless headset will let them know when a call is coming through and they can simply answer it by pressing a button on the actual headset piece. And when the call is finished they press the same button to hang up the call. This feature allows office workers to be more productive and accessible.

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