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Despite being one of Australia’s most recognised health funds, research suggested outdated web design and confusing navigation were barriers to HCF customers having a streamlined digital experience.

As part of an ambitious digital marketing and brand identity transformation, HCF chose Deloitte to develop a digital visual design to convey its core values around championing Australia’s health.

Working collaboratively with HCF digital marketing, brand and the branding agency, Deloitte strove to ensure every digital design detail, piece of content, functionality and feature would focus on making interacting with HCF in a digital world straightforward, empowering and reassuring.

Key Features


1. A bold visual design
Deloitte Digital brought the new HCF brand to life digitally using a set of comprehensive principles and guidelines. The modular nature of the design means HCF now has the flexibility to easily apply its style in the digital space – from web to apps – without sacrificing the boldness and clarity and creativeness of its new branding.


2. An enhanced user experience
HCF and Deloitte worked together co-creation workshops with stakeholders and members to create a ‘real world’ user experience, which was constantly iterated on the go rather than validated after the fact.
Using an agile approach and foregoing wireframes in favour of ‘live’ creative designs, the HCF and Deloitte teams repeatedly sketched, tested, refined and re-defined to produce prototypes.
These were then tested with members to refine them even further. The result is a task-based journey that strives to take the mystery out of how healthcare really works – enabling customers to make better decisions for better outcomes.


3. Content – no more lorem ipsum
Deloitte Digital puts content at the heart of creative design. Our designers work closely with our content team and HCF’s content owners to ensure structure is driven by meaningful content – not lorem ipsum. Content itself was developed using audience needs with the formula of ‘transparency + insights = action’ – so every word was put through the lens of how it could promote the core values of the HCF brand.


4. Impact
HCF now has a full realization of its new brand identify for its digital channels, new tasked-based Information Architecture, content which is transparent about healthcare and a streamlined and simplified insurance path-to –purchase. “Working with the extremely talented team at Deloitte has been one of the most positive professional experiences in my career,” says HCF’s Head of Digital, Emma King. “Not only did they deliver a stunning, customer-focused website, but we saw an immediate website sales conversion uplift of 25%.”

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