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The Victorian-designed Hawkei is a 7-tonne armoured military vehicle built in Victoria to operate in hostile environments around the globe and provide Australian soldiers with the highest levels of protection, mobility and performance. The Hawkei\’s design is core to the vehicle\’s competitive performance, with sophisticated protection measures to optimise survivability while delivering high performance mobility, and light enough to be transported by helicopter. The Hawkei is considered one of the most survivable vehicles in its class and offers a compelling design balance of protection, mobility and performance at a price below comparable competitors.

Key Features


Cabin: The Hawkei is based on a central crew \’citadel\’ cabin designed for maximum protection with mine-blast resistant floor and seating and use of composite materials including steel, aramid fibres and ceramics.


Driveline: The Hawkei driveline packages the power-pack forward of the firewall, thus removing the need for a conventional linear transmission tunnel. This provides greater interior volume and enhanced protection.


Hybrid: The Hawkei has an integral In-line Starter Generator in lieu of the conventional starter motor and alternator. This provides greater on-board and exportable electrical power supply for command control, surveillance systems and weapons.

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