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Hassl is a cloud-based digital workplace that streamlines team workflow. Designing project management, file storage and internal communications into one platform. Born out of frustration by Melbourne based design agency who were frustrated by the constellation of digital apps needed to collaborate.

Key Features


Hassl is designed for the team member, not the project manager . With a strong emphasis on inclusivity – it should be able to be used by team members of all ages and digital capabilities.

The goal is to make technology disappear and increase team productivity. It’s about the tasks and conversations, not the tool.

We spent a year in beta testing where the design was optimised, consulting with like-minded teams across the world.

Our simple design, high technology approach to functionality differentiates Hassl to other products in the space.


From a humble design studio in Brunswick, Hassl:
– has allowed thousands of businesses across the globe to collaborate quicker and better.

– is used by over 5,000 teams in over 60 countries.
was chosen to present at Forbes U30 in Boston, USA, as one of the ‘30 ideas of the year’ in 2018.

From interviewing our beta trial users and our team tracking, we’ve reduced internal emails by an average of 70% for full-time Hassl users.


Hassl reduces a range of everyday hassles for teams and projects. The main areas of transformation are increased team productivity, streamlined workflow processes both within the team and with guests/freelancers/clients.

Improvement in quality of work due to features such as automatic version control and accountability tracking.

Reduction in bureaucracy and increase in productivity is a game-changer for organisations using Hassl.

It has opened the door for teams to offer remote or flexible working conditions.

It has removed a range of bureaucracy from project management by automating client and account communications, offering one-click project reports, Gantt charts, AI automation and the ability to share files and projects details with both clients and freelancers.


Our approach to user experience design has been incredibly creative. The approach to creating Hassl was to observe and problem solve. We didn’t make a wish list of features, but instead questioned the mechanics of every day work habits.

The goal has always been designing a digital workplace simply – easy enough for everyone to use. We achieved this through understanding user-design for intergenerational teams.

As a team that practices and preaches people-centric design, we can design for the people we know, their situations and their particularities.


We’ve always been aware that building a virtual workplace would entail a solid security, data and privacy plan. After we design a feature – we plan how to safely secure, host and store it. We are completely transparent with our user base on where our users data lives and how we handle our security measures.

The future of Hassl is to create automated insights using AI algorithms that can replace a business analysts role. Put simply, we want our users to be able to download productivity reports every quarter or so and see how their projects and workflow could be even better.

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