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The Harwyn Pro-ii was designed to meet the needs and challenges of the 4.3 Million Australians who are working from home for the foreseeable future. With a sudden influx of inquiries for a Home Office Pod in March 2020, we challenged ourselves to design a Pod that was modern and sleek while being affordable for the consumer market.

Key Features


• Classic contemporary design
• Soft rounded corners on front face of unit
• Parapet wall concealing the roof from all viewing angles
• Wall to ceiling glass on 3 sides providing maximum natural light


The design of the Harwyn Pro-ii is timeless – underpinned by architectural expertise and integrity. Here, we’re talking about the pod’s interior and exterior.
Simple lines, neutral contrasting colours, visual balance and maximum open space. These are the hallmarks of a classic yet contemporary design.
And that means a truly stylish pod that you will be loved… forever.


For many people, home is the office – and will be for the forseeable future.
A high-quality, classically designed office pod is a life-changing investment for a working from home professional. The pod provides a clear line of demarcation for where home life and working life exist.


The design of the Harwyn Home Office Pod allows for a fully prefabricated home office pod to be built in a factory.
All electrics, desk, A/C, USB ports, LED lighting and all other features are full completed at factory so when it arrives on site, it can be installed and ready for use in less than 1 hour.


• High levels of acoustic insulation
• High levels of thermal insulation
• All Australian materials except electrics
• Fully transportable with the look of a permanent structure
• Maintenance free

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