Hamer Hall


  • ID/Lab


This creative and informed response to the Hamer Hall project, has resulted in the successful delivery of complex information in a clear and effective manner.

Due to the diversity and contrasting nature of areas, the requirement to create a seamless experience for people as they moved through the site was made more complex.

ID/Lab collaborated closely with the project alliance of the Arts Centre , Major Projects Victoria and ARM to develop an effective wayfinding strategy and innovative design elements for this iconic building.

Greater legibility whilst implementing complementary design elements has resulted in improved user experience throughout the facility.

Key Features


The solution finds the balance between clear, legible information and respect for the building\’s heritage, history and ARM\’s successful refurbishment.

Close consideration throughout the design process of durability, sustainability, and replacement cost in addition to aesthetic appeal ensuring a long lifespan and limiting the future upkeep costs of the system.

This integrated and coordinated approach allows for an effective wayfinding system which works with both the existing and renovated built environments, creating a clear differentiation between this venue and others across the city. The system also improves the terminology used by staff, on the website, and throughout the ticketing process.


Key colours and treatments are used sparingly throughout the space, while lighting and positioning highlight key pieces of information. The system reinforces operational aspects of the facility, and decreases staff involvement in directing patrons.

Common reference points for information were created across every level, ensuring that the information was interpreted effectively and efficiently at each point in a journey. Extensive on site testing and positioning was undertaken to create a system which addresses operational, user and DDA requirements.

By first creating a legible system, ID/Lab have ensured increased enjoyment, improved experiences, and better user flows across the whole site. Increased visual branding on St Kilda Road improves site visibility and prominence.

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