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Halcyon Lake is a specialist purveyor of fine rugs and carpets. Halcyon Lake were looking to evolve their original branding to feel more elegant, sophisticated and high-end. A key part of this brief was to elevate the look and feel of their website to feel just as luxurious as their rugs, while also streamlining their sales process, and educate customers as to the plethora of possibilities available to them with Halcyon Lake.

Key Features


A new approach to photography and art direction provided a suite of images for the new site that were essential to the realisation of the new positioning of the brand.
– A balance of edgy and moody colours and furniture, with a light, sophisticated look to suit the minimalism of their branding and new site
– A sense of variation and tactility in printed material to reflect their diverse range, including a custom embossing based on one of their hand-woven textured rugs on a concertina flyer.


By overseeing every print and digital deliverable in detail, ensuring that information is explicitly clear, and their brand’s personality and values are implicitly conveyed, we have transformed Halcyon Lake into a more global brand, and enhanced the transparency and understanding of their offering.
The optimisation of strategy and interactivity across their new website allows for higher user engagement, as well as educating customers to the vast array of options in the range, and the possibility of complete customisation. The site is clean, concise, and digestible without minimising or hurting the massive amount of content that had to be conveyed.


Ultimately, the new website and brand evolution allows the business to look and feel more transparent, understandable and approachable to an online consumer and to professional architects and designers. It also transforms and streamlines the way in which the business functions internally and externally to optimise sales and customer service.


– The interactivity of the tools as outlined above gives the business a unique point of difference and edge over its competitors that has allowed Halcyon Lake to first appear, and now actually be at the forefront of their industry in Australia.

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