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Halcyon Lake is a specialist purveyor of fine rugs and carpets that were looking to completely evolve the way in which their website worked in order to improve customer experience and convey a luxe service. The key issues with their old site were that many customers believed that their range was only limited to the very few images that were on their site, when in fact they had hundreds of different rug available. The challenge was to create a system that was accessible to architects and designers, but not to competitors who may use the information to create knock offs.

Key Features


Our solution to these problems included enquiry forms streamline the enquiry process as the form answers basic need-to-know questions that a customer may have, and a customisation tool allowing users to visually explore all the different weaves and colours available in a digestible way. The Architect’s Portal is a database that only architects / designers are able to register with, in order to search rug prices. This drastically reduced the multitude of phone calls the client received asking for rug trade prices. Employees can also use the portal as an easier means of looking up prices for sales as well.


– The optimised interactivity, transparency, user friendliness and strategy has allowed Halcyon Lake’s businesses success to skyrocket over the past year, with a new showroom, company expansion, and an increase in sales and interest.
– The Architect’s Portal allows end users (architects and interior designers) to be faster and more autonomous in their browsing of the entire Halcyon Lake catalogue
– The site is clean, concise, and digestible without minimising or hurting the massive amount of content that had to be displayed. It has a fluid, luxe motion with a clean, modern approach.


The website serves as both an information provider and an educator as to the plethora of possibilities Halcyon Lake offers, from their base collections to their customisation capabilities.

Ultimately, this allows the business to look and feel more transparent, understandable and approachable to an online consumer and to professional architects and designers. It also transforms and streamlines the way in which the business functions internally and externally to optimise sales and customer service.


– The interactivity of the tools as outlined above gives the business a unique point of difference and edge over its competitors that has allowed Halcyon Lake to first appear, and now actually be at the forefront of their industry in Australia.

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