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Habitech Systems is designing and building a new generation of high quality, sustainable buildings using innovative, manufactured modular components. Habitech designed, developed and are now manufacturing in Melbourne, creating Victorian design and manufacturing employment.

We believe good architectural design and a “cradle-to-cradle’ approach lies at the heart of delivering more sustainable buildings, with our system allowing for limitless design applications. Habitech’s 3D design tools provide live costing of components linking architectural modelling directly to customised manufacture of our buildings. Panelised, flat-packed and hand-liftable building components create fast, super insulated and air-sealed houses reducing heating and cooling energy requirements by 70-80%.

Key Features


Efficient Resource Use
Our integrated approach delivers buildings with significantly lower environmental impacts, including emissions during manufacture, delivery and, most importantly, the lifetime of our buildings. Serviced by clean technologies, Habitech is building houses achieving 70-80% reductions in energy use.

Focussing on solar passive design, our homes provide stable temperatures year round, buffering out temperature extremes and providing greater resilience to heat stress events.

Precision manufactured building components increases material utilisation, minimise waste in production and construction, and reducing packaging. In both production and building design, our material specifications are sustainably sourced, low environmental impact with end of life re-use/recyclability.


Effective design services
The design flexibility of our modular system allows us to offer site specific design to a wider market and social demographic.

Creating great spaces and binge able to optimise solar passive design opportunities. Habitech designs are able to respond to specific sites, climates and client briefs. We have establish an efficient and well communicated design process which utilises 3D tools to better communicate and cost designs from early schematic stages.

Working with Third Skin Architects, solar passive design and a \’passivhaus\’ approach to well insulated and sealed building fabrics is at the core of our philosophy.


Stronger, super insulated
Habitech’s wall panels have 800% bearing capacity, 200% stiffness and 580% bending strength of traditional 90mm stud construction, with guaranteed R4.3 insulation.

The structural roof panels we specify are long-spanning and deliver solid, R5-5.3 insulation without thermal bridging.

Habitech’s wall panels are unique in delivering an advanced, integrated cladding system. The inner plywood faces of our panels may be used as a finished internal timber finish, allowing a sheet of 9mm Australian plywood to deliver the structure, bracing and finished surfaces of our buildings.

Our buildings provide our clients with protection against both extreme heat and cold.


Faster Construction
Habitech’s manufactured building components are flat-pack delivered to site and installed to ‘lock-up’ (weather-tight and secure) in a matter of weeks.

This design approach shortens build time of a house by 2-3 months, compared to traditional building approaches.

Our flat-pack approach maximises transport efficiency, helping to reduce the congestion and social disruption arising from the necessity to increase the density of our cities. Our components are hand-liftable, allowing us to build on sites with limited access.

Our innovative modular design approach enables us to quickly and efficiently construct strong, modern, quality homes with full architectural flexibility.


Guaranteed performance
Our approach to the design and delivery of smarter building components delivers solid insulation in place, avoiding compromise by poor installation.

Infra-red thermal imaging verifies the continuity and effectiveness of our insulation. Door blower tests prove the air-tightness of our buildings upon completion, achieving levels close to the stringent German ‘passivhaus’ standard. in our houses.

While the Australian building industry struggles to deliver houses that meet intended energy ratings, a study undertaken by the University of Melbourne monitored one of our houses and validated it to be performing better than modelled energy ratings.

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