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Habitech Systems design and deliver high quality, sustainable, positive-emission housing, using innovative manufactured modular building components. Their design system and 3D software is allowing Habitech to offer architectural design to more Australians.

With a vision to deliver modern housing with radically reduced environmental impacts, architectural design and a ‘cradle-to-cradle’ mindset have been placed at the centre of developing smarter building components.

They are building ‘positive emission’ houses that are generating more energy than they use. .

With many completed and current projects around Australia, Habitech recently commenced export of their Victorian-designed and manufactured system to New Zealand.



Key Features


Mass customised, prefabricated housing > design is the key

Using systems based design thinking, Habitech has placed design flexibility at the core of their service offering and modular building system.

Habitech’s approach responds to both human and climate demands for individuality and site specific design, with a modular format that can be designed to specific sites, climates and client briefs.

Good solar passive design lies at the heart of creating sustainable housing and creating light filled, energy efficient spaces.

Habitech has created a prefabricated, modular building system that is not limited by a lack of design flexibility.


Manufacturing new, smarter building components > resource efficient

Habitech have applied design to the manufacture of building components in new ways.

Amongst other components, Habitech manufactures a fully loadbearing wall panel system that is unique in also delivering an integrated cladding system. These panels have 800% bearing capacity, 200% stiffness and 580% bending strength of traditional 90mm stud construction.

Habitech’s precision manufactured building components increase material utilisation, minimise waste in both production and construction and reduce transport energy and packaging.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Melbourne, Habitech is creating Victorian jobs in a new manufacturing sector.


Guaranteed performance > positive emission homes

The design and manufactured quality of Habitech’s components ensure they can guarantee the thermal performance of their components – delivering R4.3 insulation and air-sealing that works as designed.

Habitech houses link the following systems to revolutionise household comfort and energy efficiency:

• high performance modular building fabrics
• heat pump heating/cooling technologies
• fresh air heat recovery ventilation
• PV solar cells (6KW systems)

Habitech are delivering a new generation of houses that have moved beyond having ‘Zero Emissions’, with two Melbourne houses monitored over 12 months shown to be generating more energy than they consume.


Smarter software > making good design accessible to more Australians

Habitech’s modular design approach and 3D design tools are allowing them to offer new forms of design services to a broader range of Australians.

Smarter design tools > making good design accessible

Habitech’s modular design approach and 3D design tools are offering new forms of design services to the market.

These tools utilise Building Information Modelling (BIM) to provide:
• Design modelling and presentation outputs
• Live-time design costing
• Live-time energy modelling analysis
• Export of component specifications direct to manufacture

The efficiency and cost control of Habitech’s software is making good design available to a broader demographic of Australians than traditional architectural services.

Accessing a larger market for design, Habitech is creating new Victorian design sector jobs in the knowledge-based economy of the future.


Modular construction > faster to build

Habitech’s manufactured building components are flat-pack delivered to site and installed to ‘lock-up’ (weather-tight and secure) in a matter of weeks – typically shortening the time required to build a house by 2-3 months.

Habitech’s flat-pack approach maximises transport efficiency, helping to reduce the congestion and social disruption involved with increasing the density of our cities.

Their components are designed to be hand-lifted, allowing them to build on sites with limited access.

Habitech’s innovative modular design approach enables them to quickly and efficiently construct strong, modern, quality homes with full architectural flexibility.

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