GZS Hospital Bed Mover


  • Tricycle Developments Pty Ltd
  • Electrodrive Pty Ltd


The GZS Hospital Bed Mover represents the fourth generation bed mover designed by Tricycle, for Electrodrive.

In hospitals today, beds laden with injured or sick patients are required to be moved regularly through crowded hospital environments. Beds can weigh up to 600kg and frequently need to be moved by a single operator. This can cause strain to the user, and discomfort to the patient.

Customer and user research uncovered the opportunity to develop a bed mover that could reduce the strain to the operators revolutionizing the way patients and beds are moved through a high traffic, often critical environment.

Key Features


Through the development of a unique product architecture and user interface the GZS provides safe and agile movement of large cumbersome hospital beds.

The architecture is designed with a bio-directional power steering and movement system. This system provides great manoeuvrability of the beds around corners, as it turns the hospital beds about the mid-point of the bed.

The user interface of the product is developed for ease of adoption and control by trained and first time users. It includes a silent and universal bed connection system to minimize the stress and discomfort to patients.


The aesthetics of GZS unit are sensitive of the hospital environment the product is used in. The form and colour treatment softens the product and indicates product function, delivering the care staff and patients comfort in the equipment.

The footprint of the product has also been kept to a minimum allowing it to easily fit within hospital lifts with the bed attached.

This generation of bed movers has been designed to flat pack allowing Electrodrive to push into export markets.

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