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The GroupGSA Melbourne office design reflects ideals of a barrier-free attitude to problem solving and a desire to be connected to nature. The design solution sits between a creative and curated space and on intended to encourage collaboration and creativity via spaces with inherent flexibility and ‘imperfection’ to mimic creative and human processes. The spaces are designed to be highly flexible with creative brainstorming areas including mobile solutions for seating, writing and presentation boards.

Key Features


An emphasis on natural light, natural materials, extensive use of plants and biophilic references draw references from and directly relate to the organisation’s dedication to wellness and environmentally responsible design. Biophilic design is at the core of the design.

Sustainability in this project is achieved through a considered approach to maintaining the existing building and design elements of the interior spaces in the heritage building. Rather than replacing new for old, several design and furniture elements have been repurposed and designed from the previous GroupGSA + Artillery fitout for integration into the new space.


Natural light fills this 1920s former Red Cross concert hall, with aspects onto a tree canopy from Exhibition St and fresh air from the openable art deco windows. The heart of our creative studio is the large layout benches that provide areas of standing collaboration, brainstorming, an opportunity to present materials in a fluid way at client meetings. The focal point of our studio is the original concert hall stage that we’ve converted into our formal meeting and presentation space. The stage is adorned with a beautiful hand-made velvet curtain that can be drawn close to create an ad-hoc yoga studio and includes a full height mural painted by respected Australian artist Greg Ades


A significant design challenge for this project was how best to provide a design solution to transform a voluminous concert hall into a living, breathing workplace whilst being respectful of the fabulous design features of the original space. This was achieved through the use of unfixed, moveable elements and built form within the space rather than forms attempting to interject with the space. The result is that the design achieves a great sense of calm on a human scale while respectfully maintaining the grand scale as an ode to the original intent of the space.


Innovation in this project is achieved through the repurposing of an art deco theatre and ballroom space into a light, open and creative design office reflecting the brand and culture of GroupGSA + Artillery. Rather than ‘fighting against’ the design elements of the original space, the design team sympathetically blended new and contemporary elements into the fitout.


The clever use of commissioned artwork by local artists Nani Puspasari, Bianca Ioiacono and Greg Ades added to the unique design solution in blending design elements with artistic and creative elements. Another innovation borne from this approach has been the unique reuse of the original stage area as a large flexible use are incorporating a four-metre-high painted scene of mangroves by Greg Ades, full height lush drapes and technology to support the use of the space for large meetings, presentations and workshops. All this is achieved in a way that adds a real sense of excitement and drama to the space.

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