Groundfloor Smart On-Premises Parcel Management System


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  • Anatomize (Service Design & User Interface Design)
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Groundfloor™ are a Melbourne-based company with an elegantly tailored solution for managing parcel deliveries in high-density buildings. This smart, on-premises 24/7 parcel management system is the complete answer to frustrating parcel delivery, storage, and collection processes.

Based on international research, hands on experience, and hundreds of interviews, Groundfloor has been designed with recipients, delivery companies AND facility managers in mind.

Groundfloor provide the software, locker, and database solution for superior efficiency, security and convenience all round. The vision is to transform the experience of delivery and collection in Australia for the better.

Key Features


The last mile of delivery is widely regarded to be the most problematic. Pain points include recipients often receiving the dreaded ‘Sorry we missed you’ card, building managers assuming liability for lost parcels or working in cluttered, unsafe work environments, and couriers losing precious time and resources making multiple delivery attempts.

These problems are then magnified with the exponential growth we are now experiencing in ecommerce in Australia.

Where other last mile solutions focus primarily on solving delivery company’s problems, Groundfloor utilised design thinking principles to address problems faced by all parties across the entire delivery to collection process.


The careful crafting of Groundfloor’s multi-channel experience for delivery has reduced the average delivery time from approximately 3 minutes per parcel right down to 20-30 seconds and also resulted in a first-time delivery, every time.

In addition to recipient and courier satisfaction, these transformations increase earning capacity in the couriers vehicles, reduce emissions and congestion and free-up Melbourne’s limited loading bays far more quickly.


A superior user experience has always been at the core of the Groundfloor business model – on-premises and open to all parcel types and delivery companies. The adoption of design principles through our service design and user interface design has brought that vision to life. It ensures that the values of true convenience and immediacy are realised throughout the whole business in each and every interaction.


Seamless integration between lockers, courier mobile app, cloud services and the building itself greatly enhance all user’s experiences and set a new benchmark for fast, convenient, and secure service.

Specific examples include:
• Offering a digital signature, setting a new standard for traceability and ease of delivery
• Granting building access, allowing faster delivery and reduced interruption of facility staff
• Thoughtful processes for collecting or delivering multiple parcels efficiently
• Contextually aware user interfaces which adapt to locker and door states, user identity, time of day and more

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