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Eager to generate the same buzz around their website as their physical product and in-store experience, popular Australian burger chain Grill’d commissioned us to develop a next-generation website and an agile, sophisticate platform to streamline business processes and support various digital marketing efforts.

Speaking with customers revealed how best to create a site that would meet their dietary needs and satisfy online expectations.

A well-designed sitemap and technically-friendly page designs, supported by a number of robust marketing campaigns, lifted page views by 122% and organic traffic by 12% year-over-year.

Key Features


Grill’d customers are primarily focused on two things: browsing the menu, and finding their “local” (typically the Grill’d location nearest to their home or workplace). These objectives became critical user journeys and formed part of the website’s A-level navigation, warranting special treatment across all devices. With a single click/tap, users can jump from any page to the menu (complete with pricing, ingredients, and nutritional information) or to a user-friendly restaurant locator.


Grill’d is founded on a holistic health promise of “Be Good. Do Good. Feel Good.” Each Grill’d location has its own “Local Matters” initiative, where customers are given the opportunity to decide to which local charitable organisation a portion of proceeds are donated. To honour the brand’s commitment to community, we made sure to feature information about the initiative and success stories on the redesigned website.


Because menu items differ between restaurants and regions, building out a generic menu was not an option. However, we worked within these restrictions to produce a clean, clear user journey that positioned “food tribe” (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.) and nutritional content prominently on the site. In addition to a homepage feature, we created a dedicated overview page and special controls on the menu page to convey how Grill’d fare can be made to suit all kinds of dietary restrictions and preferences.


Given the importance of the Grill’d menu, we knew its design and functionality had to be flawless. We landed on an approach that felt a bit more “analog” in tone, displaying across two columns like a traditional printed menu. The rest of the site features a distinctive and illustrative design approach, with a bit of cheeky copy to match.

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