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We were engaged to redesign Grill’d’s online ordering experience, having already put together an exceptionally high-performing website for the brand in 2017. Our goal was to bring online ordering natively onto the site and create new service touch points for customers.

The project came at a critical time as the COVID-19 pandemic began causing major disruptions to the restaurant industry. Our work was instrumental in keeping the business thriving, allowing Grill’d to quickly adopt an online ordering and delivery experience.

Key Features


Design decisions were strategically made to mirror the in-person experience. We established brand guidelines during our previous work with the website, so we channelled our energy into UX considerations. It was critical that we allowed flexibility by providing customers with the ability to customise burgers, as if they were ordering in store, while engineering an easy, intuitive online experience. This meant locally priced menus and an ability to select order times, the ability for users to save their favourite burgers, and the removal of any potential usability issues, to drive a seamless and pleasant ordering experience.


Our design supported Grill’d in its shift to a digital-first business mindset while retaining the points of difference that made the in-person experience so popular. We wanted to hold the customer’s hand throughout the delivery process. We knew that the agreed user flow, which incorporated a new customer journey for delivery, had to upsell users to add more products during the selection stage, while also enabling those ineligible for delivery to continue with pick-up. Since going live, quarter over quarter, Grill’d has experienced a 224% increase in online sales.


The project has been very successful and instrumental in the success of the business during COVID19, both at a state level (during the more restrictive Victorian lockdown) and nationally, positioning Grill’d as a leader in online food delivery. The Grill’d online ordering experience has raised the benchmark for design and user experience within Australian online food delivery. The changes carried out generated a whopping 77.3% increase in e-commerce conversion and a 5.6% increase in average order value.


It was obvious that Grill’d and its online experience would need to quickly evolve to meet new user demands during the pandemic. The Grill’d membership program, Relish, became a critical part of personalising and streamlining the online experience. We designed a system that would securely store member and payment details with added functionality to save favourite restaurants and products. This meant users could easily navigate their way through an order without having to re-enter information. Meanwhile, the high-performing website and mobile-responsive design made the experience as intuitive and seamless as possible.


Following the initial launch of online ordering, we focused on how we could optimise and increase conversions. We included a change of payment gateway to facilitate easy on-the-go payment including Google and Apple Pay options. We also personalised the home page experience across locations throughout Australia, which addressed different COVID-19 restrictions among states. Victoria, for example, had a statewide curfew from 8pm, so we implemented a personalised homepage for Victorians to let them know that Grill’d was still delivering burgers after the curfew.

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