GreyScan ETD-100


  • GreyScan Pty Ltd
  • Grey Innovation Pty Ltd
  • University of Tasmania


GreyScan® offers the world’s first high sensitivity explosive trace detection (ETD) device for inorganic explosives (nitrate, chlorate, and perchlorate). Inorganic compounds are being increasingly used to fabricate home-made explosive devices, due to ease of their acquisition and lack of availability of military explosives. Governments globally are searching for forward-looking solutions that meet the changing demands of the modern threat landscape. The GreyScan ETD-100 provides accurate, sensitive and rapid detection of inorganic explosives, extending current security capabilities. This automated ETD technology has widespread applications for a variety of security, forensic, and military applications.

Key Features


The GreyScan ETD-100 has been designed in response to the increasing global threat from homemade explosives based on inorganic salts. The GreyScan device provides the high-resolution detection capabilities of a laboratory system in a field deployable, compact and portable unit. The GreyScan ETD-100 can be utilised in multiple fields of operation, including entry point screening and forensic laboratory analysis applications.
The system has been designed for rapid throughput of samples with an analysis time of less than 40 seconds. Designed for ease of use, the GreyScan ETD-100 aligns with current security technology, allowing for easy integration into existing security operations.


The global ETD market is large and growing; valued at USD679M in 2013 and expected to reach USD1.5B by 2020. There exist significant market opportunities for GreyScan® through the following applications:
-Entry point screening – border control, embassies, military, government agencies, transportation passenger screening, events and public security, commercial offices, critical infrastructure
-Mobile and stationary forensic laboratories – police, bomb squad, military
-Cargo and mail screening –cargo stations, post offices
GreyScan® is building its capability and will achieve first sales by the end of 2018. GreyScan® has garnered international interest from governments, regulatory/transportation authorities, and industry leaders in defence and security markets.


GreyScan®, in collaboration with Grey Innovation, have translated innovative research from the University of Tasmania, to develop their world-first inorganic ETD device.
The system has undergone independent laboratory and field testing in real-threat environments (within Australia, USA, Europe), demonstrating a high level of sensitivity and accuracy. This testing was conducted with international transportation regulatory authorities, industry leaders, and an international airport. These results highlighted that the GreyScan® technology has been successfully transformed into a design that meets end-user requirements.
The GreyScan ETD-100 complements existing technologies by extending security screening capabilities and has been designed to integrate with existing security processes.


GreyScan® has built an interdisciplinary team of engineers, scientists and management in Australia, USA, and Europe, to commercialise the GreyScan® technology.
The GreyScan ETD-100 utilises Capillary Zone Electrophoresis (CZE) technology. GreyScan® have taken a sophisticated 30-minute laboratory process and developed the technology into a miniaturised device with a rapid analysis time of 40 seconds.
The system has been designed for ease of use, facilitated through a simple to operate user interface and workflow with minimal user training required.
Demonstrating a high level of accuracy and sensitivity (50-100 nanograms), GreyScan® sets the global standard for inorganic explosive trace detection.


-Designed for mobile and stationary applications
-Liquid phase CZE (non-radioactive)
-Remote connectivity enabled (Wi-Fi or wired network)
-Internal data storage and data export capability (PDF, CSV)
-Battery or mains power operation

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