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The future of energy is complex, political, and fraught with misinformation. When first meeting GreenSync, we saw an opportunity to help people better understand the energy landscape.

Partnering with GreenSync we delivered a new website, content, and custom illustrations to articulate the change that is core to their vision.

Key Features


Design Excellence

GreenSync has found success as a global energy-tech company from Melbourne. Success has come, in part, from GreenSync’s audience winning in the newly shaped energy future. Their audience includes government, commercial, industrial, retail, utility, and residential. By helping reshape our energy grid, all sectors have a positive outcome. Through co-designing, we were able to identify, distill, and communicate these achievements, creating custom illustrations that visually identify the user in context and assist in highlighting key features and benefits.


Design Transformation

Our team worked within GreenSync HQ, setting up and iteratively outputting design, content and sharing our expertise. We co-designed a direction that ensured we stayed away from ‘ta da’ moments and progressed as one project team. The GreenSync team became part and parcel of our design team, working alongside daily over the course of the project. This led to a no surprise, on-point excellent execution of their complex content to a consumable, best-in-breed website.


Design Innovation

People learn in different ways. While reading is important, many are more visual or kinaesthetic in their learning styles. When you’re talking about a concept, like a new energy marketplace, having multiple assets to assist you makes sense. We not only created bespoke illustrations of the various audience types, but animated these to show the user how the individual parts are all connected and part of something much larger.

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