great ocean rd house


  • itn architects
  • dunstan contruction
  • jomill engineering


Ordinary architecture for an extraordinary situation.
On exceptional site, with opposing conditions of extreme weather exposure, dramatic views and close proximity to the busy ocean road, the house layout is simple a solution to the puzzle- achieving ocean views from every room, private and protected outdoor spaces, protection form the worst of the summer sun, a very small actual footprint on the sensitive coastal site, and a simple greying timber form, that is slowly disappearing into the surrounding ti-trees. The interior is all hoop pine ply featuring a spine shelving wall that runs the length of the house.

Key Features


the house was designed as semi-permanent residence for a couple with 3 adult children, so is zoned to allow half the house to be unoccupied, as needed.

The building was built completely from renewable forest timbers, with no plasterboard used in the entire dwelling to create a unique haven.

invested in passive systems- highest grade insulation, double glazing throughout, careful placement of windows, for sun protection and cross-ventilation
basic materials and finishes were used throughout, tough enough for sandy feet and surfboards,a house purposely designed to be subservient to its environment and use.

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