Government Logo System


  • Fabio Hutagalung, RMIT University
  • Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia


Class brief with a supposed client; a logo system for the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia. This project was taken to re-emphasise the ministry’s relevance in today\’s international domain, as well as reintroducing the ministry’s new spirit. It is using the composed dots to emulate the sense of a 3D bursting and flowing movement. The logo represents a ministry that is thriving, has integrity, of the future, and is confident in front of the world stage.

Key Features


Independent logos:
The logo system consists of 1 main logo for the ministry and 5 for its departments. Each has its own unique dots composition that are harmonious with each other, yet still represent the different areas of expertise. Each logo represents a different energy flow in an abstract visual, yet was actually inspired by an industry-specific subject which was relevant to each area that each department specialised in. As a collective, the independent logos represent a ministry that is robust, supported by departments that are strong in each of their own domain.


Colour flexibility:
The logo system prides itself on its visual integrity, in which it is not heavily dependent on colour in order for its system to work. The logo is applicable on various range of colours, though there are a couple of rules in how to maximise its functionality: white title, background and logo are analogous colours. This configuration delivers a language of freshness, while at the same time keeping the logo system flexible to easily fit into various applications.


The logo system aims to not only be timeless, but also iconic in a way that it stands out in the midst of the industry’s visual landscape. By avoiding the typical visuals used heavily in the industry (wave, fish, blue), the logo system breaks the norm of governmental visual identity both locally in Indonesia, as well as internationally.


Aside from the basic practicalities of a logo, the logos are also easy to be applied together. Considering that in the future these logos might be handled by people from non-design background, the logos are made for easy alignment and scaling. Though they might feel vary in dimensions, they are actually the same height–scaling them together can easily be done just by proportionally adjusting their heights to be the same. Moreover, when aligned left, the titles also align perfectly.

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