Gluv Australia


  • Gluv Australia Pty Ltd
  • Krums Pty Ltd


GLUV is a bio degradable “one size fits all” disposable mitten that protects users from direct contact with surfaces that contaminate and can leave a customer’s skin covered with oil, diesel and odours when filling up their transport vehicle with fuel at their petrol and convenience service centre.
GLUV has been designed to significantly reduce the number one customer complaint of all petrol and diesel retailers, dirty bowsers handles and thus improve customer loyalty resulting in increased revenue.

Key Features


1.100% Bio Degradable & Recyclable HDPE film
2. Universal Size and Shape
3. Unique hangcell dispenser, making for easy application and use for both the P&C retailer and the consumer
4. Advertising/branding promotion – allowing the retailer to improve the return by quantifiable instore sales due to promotional advertising as well as providing an additional advertising stream for external advertisers. Adding greater advertising space in the sort after forecourt area of P&C stores and allowing marketers to taking advantage of the “empty moment”
5. Unique product that combines a function- protect your hands, form – universal size and shape and advertising.

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