Giro Table


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The GIRO table is a technically complex, visually powerful round form that exhibits a culturally significant message.

The roundtable is synonymous throughout history with gatherings where all have equal rights and none have precedence — this simple design facilitates assembly for discussion.

Key Features


The striking, geometric, folding technique applied to GIRO’s aluminium base draws your eye toward the object. As you arrive at the table and take your seat, the base becomes secondary and the focus shifts upward toward the humble, familiar circular Corian table-top.

A built-in Corian swivel top rotates providing easy access for those seated around the table. Ample storage space and facilities for power supplies and charging are accessible underneath the easy-to-remove swivel top.

A practical and powerfully symbolic design which carries its philosophies across environments, from residential settings to office spaces or meeting rooms.


Aluminium Base:
Recycled aluminium is used to fabricate the base, rather than steel, so we can minimise the weight (for the ease of shipping and handling), while still retaining the strength to weight ratio, required to support the top.

The Aluminium is folded into a circle – a technique that can only be achieved consistently and efficiently with the aid of a high tech folding machine.

Wastage using this material is 0! P/sheet of Aluminium we can achieve 2 x Giro table bases.

Table Top:
– Corian has low total VOCs and is GREENGUARD Air Quality Certified. Pigments used in Corian are free of heavy metals, as well as non-toxic and non-allergenic to humans.

A very good example that high-end and accessible design, can be 100% manufactured in Australia.


Aside from the designs philosophy, it was important for the Giro to be disassembled and assembled with ease, and accuracy for the end-user.

This is achieved, by having the base constructed from recycled aluminium (for its strength to weight ratio), and for the Corian “outer-top” to be fabricated into 3 x equal leaves, leaving the central swivel top to be perfectly circular.

Noted, that the top is fabricated from a single Corian sheet, to minimise wastage. Any off-cuts that remain are used for my “Corian objects”.


Built-in Swivel Top:
A modern take on the “lazy Susan” swivel top. Having it flush/ integrated into the table means you have a continuous surface to use and not restrictive, like a raised traditional “lazy Susan” would do.

The rebate between the round swivel top and outer table top leaves has been designed so it makes it easy to lift the swivel top off from the table and access the ‘hidden compartment’ and making it easier to clean if needed.

The hidden compartment was integrated into the design where it can be used for a number of things depending on the environment this table is used:
If used in an office environment, an ‘in-desk’ module can be integrated under the swivel top.

This module would have a powder lead which would be concealed by the table base (as it would be connected to a floor-mounted flush power box).

This in-desk module would have access to GPO and USB charging. (These are standard products purchased from suppliers and not something I design or manufacture).

And, if this was used in a residential application, it can be used to store specific tableware, objects or accessories.

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