Gifts of Change Brand Review and Marketing Campaign


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International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) is the only Australian development organisation focused on women’s rights and gender equality. Gifts of Change (GoC) is a donation scheme where a ‘gift’ is purchased online for a loved one. The funds are allocated to one of many women’s development programs IWDA sponsor internationally.

After four years, the GoC brand required a refresh and new marketing strategy. The objective was to increase awareness and donations leading up to the holiday season. Our strategy was the ‘triangle’ concept – creating connection between the donor, the recipient, and the women supported by the project through this gift.

Key Features


THE CONCEPT: The ‘triangle’ connects the donors, gift recipients and beneficiaries. Engaging copywriting creates an emotional connection between the giver and the gift receiver, and reflects the nature of the programs that the donations support. E.g., ‘Here is a gift for the best cook I know – food that warms the belly and soul’: the giver would purchase this for a friend who enjoys cooking, and at the same time the gift (donation) goes towards providing one week’s worth of food for women in a crisis centre.


THE DESIGN: As the message is key to this concept, the cards were created with a typographic focus. Icons and illustrations where used to support the message and give the cards a fun and friendly tone. Bold, earthy colours were used to maximise impact and differentiate between each gift. A tactile, uncoated recycled stock was used to compliment the sentiments on each card, and reinforce the brand’s environmental awareness.


THE CAMPAIGN: Targeted advertising was implemented to engage a younger, socially-aware demographic. A full page advertisement was run in the October issue of Frankie magazine, who’s readership consists of 20-35 year old women. The ad style complimented the contemporary style of the magazine. The message ‘What do you get the girl who has it all?’ conveys that a gift can be something that goes beyond feel-good short-term results. Advertisements were placed on trams prior to the holiday season. The navigation on the IWDA website was updated to increase visibility and the online store was redesigned to be engaging and user-friendly.


THE RESULTS: IWDA went on to update the GoC refreshed sub-brand across the rest their collateral and continued to promote the campaign through social media, targeting other gift-giving occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day. To date, the result was a 72.5% increase in donations from the previous year.


THE BENEFITS: We are proud to have contributed our expertise in this collaboration with IWDA. The team involved felt positive and engaged about making a difference through their skills.

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